For an orderly development of an economy of a country, anti – trust and competition laws are the most important requisites. Competition law aims to protect the market economy from various Anti-Competitive Agreements, Combinations etc.

Competition law has three main elements:

  • Prohibiting anti – competitive agreements that restricts free trading like cartelisation
  • Dominance of a firm that tend to control the price, supply, production in the market
  • Oversee the merger and acquisitions that could affect the market in an adverse manner

AAA can assist in these areas:

  • Assisting at the time of Pre and Post- Investigation
  • Administrative and Legal assistance during the process of investigation
  • Assisting in drafting the reply of Notice
  • Litigation Measures to minimize the effect of penalty provision
  • Assisting in filing of Leniency Petitions as per the provisions of the Act

The team of M & A works in coordination with the team of CCI to ensure dynamic approach in this field.